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Our Cheese

Made from BC cow’s milk, our Iranian Panir is characterized by the creaminess of its taste, the crumbly texture as well as the salty flavour. A high quality cheese made with natural ingredients, it can be used in hot or cold recipes requiring feta, or enjoyed on its own. Prepared with a culture unique

 and matured in a brine solution, Iranian panir is set apart by its distinctive taste, and the dual-texture of being both spreadable while also able to crumble. The rich flavour is sure to take center-stage in any meal and Ariana Dairy is proud to offer a local alternative to imported feta.

Our Yogourt

Ariana Dairy’s Iranian yogourt is made from BC cow’s milk and contains only natural ingredients. Perfect for use in a wide range of recipes, it can also be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to any dish. The unique taste coupled with its lusciously light creamy texture sets it apart from other varieties. Inspired by Ancient Persia, our yogourt has a distinct tart flavour.

Our Ice Cream

Akbarmashti ice cream is a modern Iranian delight. The most popular flavour of ice cream throughout Iran: with its one-of-a-kind flavour profile of saffron, rose water, and clotted cream: this frozen treat is irresistible! Ariana Dairy is immensely proud to introduce Akbarmashti ice cream to Canadian households.

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